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Latest Updates

botObjects ProDesk3D Out Of The Box Introduction

As part of the botObjects Founder's video series we start by taking a look at the unboxing of the ProDesk3D and a quick overview of printing your first object. More videos will follow in the series looking in much more detail at the software, slicing and getting the most out of your ProDesk3D. ​

The future is here. Founders release ground-breaking full working prototype video of the ProDesk3D

Now you can see in action the amazing ProDesk3D in our full working prototype video. The ProDesk3D prints in full color, at a ground-breaking 25 micron resolution, on our FDM-based printer, at an industry leading speed of 175mm/s - inside our revolutionary ProDesk3D case. Soon everyone will be able to create beautiful objects like the new color-mixed vase printed in this video – new colors created by the world's first full-color 3D desktop printer. The future is here.

NOTE: For the purposes of intellectual property protection, the video covers our proprietary technology. Thanks to sphynx for Large Twisted Koch Snowflake Vase, (sphynx) / CC BY-SA 3.0.

The founders release a stunning object and pictures from their recent US live demo session 

At our recent US live demo session, where TechCrunch and some distributors were in attendance, we got the opportunity to demo the gorgeous ProDesk3D in action, and printing another unique object, this time a beautiful Nautilus Gear.
The group (seen below) got to see the glorious ProDesk3D speedily printing in Full Color, and at 25 microns much to the amazement of the crowd. The Nautilus Gear was printed in 9 unique distinct color layers mixed from the ProDesk3D, with equally smooth color transitions, without color purging, and enabling a fast print at 25 microns in just under one hour.

NOTE: For the purposes of intellectual property protection, the video covers our proprietary technology.  Thanks to MishaT for Nautilus Gears, (Nautilus Gears).

Founders with TechCrunch, and Japanese and Brazilian distributors

The ProDesk3D presenting its beautiful prints above

Founders give-away the famous vase to our Japanese distributor

Founders release FDM/PLA-based 25 micron mixed color printing video 

Watch our gorgeous new video that demonstrates the beauty and finish quality of 25 micron printing, using our PLA filament. This video was taken with the ProDesk3D printing at 175 mm/s, with the video accelerated at certain points for the purpose of summarization. We also used this as another chance to preview our new translucent PLA colors, that we mixed to create the beautiful floral vase. Note that there are no lines to be seen due to the layer accuracy, just a gorgeous, smooth finish. The floral vase was printed exactly as offered, yet the ProDesk3D prints at a higher resolution than the original STL file!

NOTE: For the purposes of intellectual property protection, the video covers our proprietary technology.  Thanks to CMetzel for Floral Vase design, (cmetzel) / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Zoom X1

Zoom X2

Zoom X3


Co-founders release the beautiful ProDesk3D prototype case

Today, the founders showed a glimpse of the ProDesk3D standard edition in person. They also confirmed that they would be releasing the ProDesk3D Blue pictures soon!


Earlier images printed on the ProDesk3D, see the gorgeous colors you can create for your models.


A beautiful vase that shows the gorgeous color range of the ProDesk3D.

Thanks to cmetzel for the design.

Twisted Floral Vase (cmetzel) / CC BY-SA 3.0


Our co-founder Mike printed and built Rofi, a multi-colored bi-pedal robot.

Thanks to Jonathan Dowdall for this great project.

Project Biped


Every child should have a colorful recorder for music!

Thanks to Joseph Larson for the design.

Recorder V2.3 (new Mouthpiece) (cymon) / CC BY-SA 3.0




Introducing the Limited Edition - ProDesk3D Blue

We now offer a unique limited edition ProdDesk3D with exterior finish in blue - we call it the ProDesk3D Blue. Only a few ProDesk3D’s will be made in this gorgeous color. This product will also come with 2 additional 5-color cartridges and 2 additional support material cartridges.



Load your 3D designs and let our software print your model in just a few clicks

It wasn't enough to create a revolutionary 3D printer; it was our goal to develop seamless, simple-to-use software integrated with the ProDesk3D. We wanted to demystify the process of 3D printing, while keeping the technical jargon under the hood - enabling everyone to load designs and get them printed easily with just a few clicks. The ProModel software does just this.


Industry leading print accuracy and speed

The ProDesk3D can print to 25 micron layer accuracy yielding industry leading results for finish, smoothness whilst benefiting from material strength. See to the right our zoomed in view of the Vase, check out the ultra-smooth finish. This Vase was printed at 150mm per second, yet the ProDesk3D can print up to 175mm per second - lightning pace with stunning results.

Thanks to aubenc for the design.

Tiny Planetary Gears Set (aubenc) / CC0 1.0 Universal



Planetary Gears of Many Colors - Twitter Update

We printed these gears to hint at an upcoming announcement regarding special colors. Printed at our standard of 25 microns, fast. The founders tweeted the image during a recent meeting.